financial impact of neuroblastoma on families


Mitchell’s Miracles provides financial assistance to families who have had their child diagnosed with rare childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma.  

Not only do the families have to deal with such a traumatic time, the financial impact is devastating but often gets disregarded especially to families who are not on benefits.
We want to highlight a few key points to show just some of the financial implications that being diagnosed has and this is where your donations go.

1 –

Great Ormond Street is the only specialist hospital to treat cancers, and with it being situated in London,

transport costs mount up including the congestion charge,  petrol, train tickets and parking fees.

To do this every day, means taking a huge strain on the family as a whole.

2 –

Travel to local hospitals for blood transfusions, antibiotics, platelets etc, means hours of staying in the hospital, waiting for appointments and for the tasks to take place.  Again, parking fees apply as well as the mileage to and from hospital or train fares.

3 –

Eating in hospital to keep your strength up every day that you are there, and especially if your child is in GOSH,

being based in London means that food becomes  extortionate. It is vital that parents keep their energy levels up,

however those who don’t claim benefits, do not receive lunch vouchers and therefore have to spend more money making sure they eat.

4 –

Loss of income from a job has a huge financial burden on the entire family especially when not working to care for their sick child, which results in loss of wages.  Some employers look after their staff by offering Statutory Sick Pay or half of it to cover wages but this only stretches so far.


The household finances then become affected over time including bills, and even keeping the car running which

is needed with a sick child, adds to financial costs.  Wear and tear of the tyres, mileage, brakes, MOT’s etc, all come into effect with the amount of travelling that is needed to care for your child.



With all this in mind, two children a week are diagnosed in the UK with Neuroblastoma.

With over 16 months of hospitalisation, an average expense can work out around £16,000.  If jobs are lost, or benefits

 are not claimed then this is a massive amount to anyone who just want to care for their sick child and not have

the worry of trying to find where the money will next come from.


As a charity, we are here to help families in this situation, who are affected by any of the points we have mentioned above.

It may not be much but it will at least help them to focus on getting their child well without the added

financial stresses that cancer brings.


You can support a family by taking part in one of our upcoming events or fundraisers which you can find out about here.

If your child has been diagnosed with any stage of Neuroblastoma, please fill out our form for financial help.

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