To raise much needed awareness of childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma, I came up with the craziest fundraiser yet, but it turned out to be a huge success!
  9 very brave ladies volunteered their time and bodies to be painted live in the shop window of our office, The Retailery, facing Romford market!
  The theme was superheroes and villians and in the lead up to the event, we were busy practising, getting patch tests, and securing 3 other amazing body painters aside from myself.
  As well as fundraising for our charity, I also own my own children’s entertainment business, part of which is my experience as a face painter so I always try to incorporate that for the charity.
  This would, however, be my biggest challenge yet!
The day itself was incredible.
We arrived at the venue bright and early at 9am and I began to paint Sam as The Joker, whilst Carly had Hollie as Robin and Nikki had Sian as Captain America!
  It took us about 90 minutes each to paint the first three which took us into lunchtime and we were drawing a small crowd towards us!
  Our last painter, Rosemary, painted Clare as Poison Ivy and Danielle as Deadpool, I had Jenny as Supergirl, and some help painting Emma as Wonder Woman.  Nikki finished Chloe as Harley Quinn, and Carly had the challenge of painting Two-Face onto Laura.
 Even my manager of the charity, Kristel, got painted as Batgirl in memory of Mitchell.
  All these ladies had different reasons for doing this, not just to support the charity itself but for their own body confidence.
  Danielle had been through a tough time battling breast cancer last year so wanted to do this to regain her confidence, and she certainly did that!
  Emma wanted to push herself out of her comfort zone and Sian wanted to help promote empowerment for women.
We love how different all the girls are and how representative they all are of body image.
If they were nervous on the day, they did not show it and were quick to drop their clothes and get stuck in!
The event in total raised over £1200 which is an astonishing achievement by all of them, and we even made the local newspaperwith a huge page dedicated to all those involved!
We would like to thank so many people for making this event possible!
The Retailery for loving our idea and helping us reach our crazy goals!
To Danielle, Sian, Laura, Chloe, Emma, Clare, Jenny, Sam, and Hollie for daring to bare and being the stars of the show, we applaud your bravery and courage and thank you for raising a fantastic amount!
To Nikki, Rosemary and Carly for volunteering your time and paints to create these amazing designs.
To everyone that donated and sponsored the girls and had their photo taken on the day!
For more information on future events, please visit our Events page and join one
Fundraising Organiser for Mitchell’s Miracles.

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