Brighton Marathon

Mitchell’s Miracles had 3 runners in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 14th April, so we went along to cheer them on. We drove down on Saturday evening and had a bite to eat and a walk around Brighton taking in all the sights. Whilst in a bar we met a landlord named Mitchell who after telling him why we was there donated £15.00 which we added to the runners sponsor page, thank you.

Race Day

Race day came and we made our way into town which was buzzing with the crowds waiting to cheer on the runners.

We made our way to the event village where we sat and watched the event on the big screen, we tracked the runners all around the course and once they finished we headed down to meet them.


Ryan & Jonathan at the start line

Jonathan Knowles was first to finish with an amazing time of 3 hours 50, followed closely by Ryan Yates with a time of 3 hours 52. We took them of for a well deserved beer and then went back to the finish line to collect Alexander Manktelow who finished with a time of 4 hours 40, this was Alexanders 10th marathon.

Ryan & Jonathan.

Ryan & Jonathan having a well deserved pint of beer.










Jonathan, Ryan & Alexander holding there Mitchell’s Miracles trophy.


A huge thank you to Ryan & Jonathan who work for Sternberg Reed for supporting our charity. You can still sponsor them here to help bump up the amounts. We ask for a minimum sponsor of £400 per runner so they still have a way to go so please help them reach there target.

Also a huge thank you to Alexander who works for Sainsburys and has been raising in the store and also here, please again if you could help bump up hes target it is much appreciated.

All monies raised goes towards a family with a child battling Neuroblastoma cancer and these boys went above and beyond with all the hard training they had to endure for months and months before race day, followed by the pain after finishing, but all 3 ready for another challenge!! What can we get them to do next time. Maybe a tough mudder 😉


If you would like to sign up for next years marathon or any of our events they can be found here please email us for further information at

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