Our financial grants are given directly to families battling the financial effects of Neuroblastoma a childhood cancer, once a child is diagnosed.

The grant can help with travel costs to and from hospital, utility bills, loss of income from employment / self employment, to food costs in hospital.


Can you support a family in need ?

Here are some ideas in ways you can support one of our families....

  • Share the families appeal on social media and ask for a small donation
  • Hold a quiz night
  • Take part in a charity challenge
  • Hold a charity tin at work

Please get in touch for more information

Or please call 07799 252726 / 07825727792


Here are some of the children that we are financially supporting.

Lucy Wright

Lucy is a 9 year old girl from Blackburn. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in August 2018.

She has undergone front-line treatment for the disease and recently received the MINIVan trial. She will now be enduring weekly check ups and blood tests between Manchester and Southampton Hospital, which is a circular  240 mile round trip.

Mitchell's Miracles was able to provide a grant to support transport to and from hospital.

Can you support Lucy and her family.



Archie Wilks

Archie Wilks is a 3 year old boy from Newport. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and is receiving hospital care at Addenbrookes Hospital. His parents have had their income halved due to the length of time Archie has been receiving his medicines.

Can you support Archie and his family?


Fero Seoudy

Here is beautiful baby boy Fero, who was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma at 3 weeks old in August 2019. He has already received 2 rounds of chemotherapy and his parents are awaiting results from a biopsy to determine the next stages of treatment.
He has not long been out of intensive care after nearly losing his life due to the tumour in his neck
Mitchell's Miracles were delighted to be able to support baby Fero and his family with a financial grant to help with the lengthy hospital stays and transport costs.


Bobby Marriott

Bobby was diagnosed with stage 3 Neuroblastoma childhood cancer on 7th August, just 2 days after his 3rd birthday.

Bobby has had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. He still has a Neuroblastoma tumour on his liver therefore has to have frequent scans. Due to the disease he has no spleen, no immune system and part of his pancreas has been removed.

Bobby is receiving continued scans at Nottingham Children's Hospital.

Mitchell's Miracles Charity has support Bobby and his family with two grants.


Maya Nash

Maya Nash is a 7 year old young girl, who was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in April 2017.

She is currently receiving the Siopen Rapid Cojec trial in the hope of a cure.
Mitchell's Miracles will be supporting the family with financial support throughout their daughter journey.
The transport costs to and from hospital, the household utility bill's and rental for their home is becoming a financial strain on the family. Because as you can only imagine, their only focus is to to be by their daughters bedside.

Any donation big or small to help towards further support, would be gratefully appreciated.


Harry Deeba

Harry Deeba is a 2 and a half year old boy from Norwich. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and is receiving hospital care at Addenbrookes Hospital. Harry's parents have a 70 mile round trip to the hospital which is very costly.

Can you support Harry and his family?



Oscar Manktelow-Page

Oscar Manktelow-Page is an 18 month old little boy from Kent.

Oscar was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in October 2018, and at this moment in time we are happy to say that he is in remisssion but still engages in 3 monthly ultrasounds and 4 weekly steroid treatment.

Can you support Oscar and his family?


Ireland Banham

Ireland is an 18 month old little girl who was sadly diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in July 2019.

She is currently enduring front line treatment which will continue for approximately 18 months.

We have supported the family with a grant towards transport, to and from the hospital.

Can you support Ireland and her family?


Henry Stone

Here is 2 year old Henry who was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. We have supported Henry and his family with two separate financial grants as Henry has had a very lengthy stay in Birmingham Children's Hospital as he is currently receiving a high dosage of chemotherapy. Our financial grant helped with transport to and from hospital and food expenses.

Can you support Henry and his family?


Harris Morrison

Harris Morrison aged 6 years and his young journey so far………….

As a family they were planning the build up to Hogmanay and looking forward to toasting in the New Year 2020 with family as is tradition in Scotland. Their wee boy, Harris hadn’t been too well during late November and December 2019. They had been to their local GP as long-standing issues with constipation, which was becoming quite severe. On Monday 30th December 2019 they went for a planned check up with the families GP, who was concerned at wee Harris’ worsening condition. Without any hesitation the GP admitted Harris to hospital in Inverness some two hours drive away. They urgently packed for what they assumed was a short hospital visit of a couple of days but erred on the side of caution giving the impending New Year holidays and took enough clothing for three days. It is now July 2020 and the family haven’t been home since. On the 31st December Harris had numerous tests X-ray's scans and Ultrasounds. It was after a review of the latter by the medical team that revealed an unexplained growth near Harris stomach. In the matter of minutes their world began to crumble around them. It wasn’t clear at the time whether the growth was a tumour. Was it benign or malignant?
The answer required another journey this time of three hours drive to the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. They were seen by a consultant on the immediate arrival just as the clocks welcomed in midnight and the Bells sounded for the New Year. What had been their plans for Hogmanay, were now irrelevant. After initial examinations and review the general feeling was the tumour was malignant and Wee Harris was now a cancer patient, he had only been admitted for trapped wind and constipation!
It was after a few days that they received the exact cancer diagnosis, Harris has stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. They were now confronted with terminology, procedures and treatments that they had never heard of and life had changed immeasurably for the whole family.
Family and work priorities come into focus, goals are altered, and treatment becomes all that matters. They had entered a new kind of living far from home but Aberdeen had become their new home
As you can only imagine the financial strain this journey is having and will have on the family through this difficult time, while they concentrate on getting Harris better.

We ask any donation big or small, so we can continue supporting this amazingly strong family.


Lincoln Melling

Many families who have been given the devastating news that their child has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, don't know who to turn to for support.
But with the help of our beneficiaries Clic Sargent who are the representatives based across all the major hospitals and specialise with all childhood cancers, will be at hand to point them in the direction of charities like ours.
Yesterday we received 5 more applications from different hospitals seeking financial help.One of the families we are supporting from yesterday, was a little boy by the name of Lincoln.
Please read and donate where and when you can. 


Alfie Ward

Here is the very brave and very inspirational young man Alfie. He has been known to Mitchell's Miracles for a few years now. In fact we have known Alfie since 2011 before the charity was founded, as unfortunately Alfie and his family have endured a very long journey with Neuroblastoma.
Alfie has battled Neuroblastoma for most of his life, suffering many relapses. This has been such an immense struggle both mentally, physically, and financially on the whole family.
Unfortunately Alfie has relapsed once again, and will be needing to start the minivan trial at UCLH and Southampton hospital.
This photo captures just how brave Alfie has to be, as he was about to have his port line fitted, so he can receive all the important medicines.
Mitchell's Miracles were pleased to be able to offer a financial grant to help towards the travel costs to and from hospital appointments.We send all the family all the strength in the world to get through this next hurdle.


Audrina Hatton-Wright

Audrina is a 5 year old girl from Derby, Nottingham and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in July 2018.

So far she has had chemotherapy, surgery, high dose chemo and radiotherapy and is on further chemo until she finishes treatment this December 2019.

We have supported the Chesterton family with a grant to help towards their utility bills.


Can you support Audrina and her family?



Backpack Appeal

Could you donate a backpack for a child with Neuroblastoma?

The purpose of the backpack is.....

When a child receives antibodies, they would need to be hooked up to the pump and stay in hospital for up to a week. But by having a small backpack, the pump (baby bottle sized) can go into this back pack which gives the child more freedom from the big stand they would normally have to push around. Which then also means they are also able to go home whilst the antibody is being infused.

The back packs are going to be needed even more so, as a new study is arriving where the antibody is combined with chemotherapy and given at the start of treatment rather then at the end of treatment. With just over 100 children diagnosed in the UK every year, we will need to raise approximately £794.00 in total. Can you help by donating the cost of a bag £7.94 inc p&p The families and the patients across all the hospitals would be extremely grateful.


Isla Caton

Isla Caton is a 3 year old girl from Hornchurch in Essex and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in March 2016, and is receiving hospital care in San Joan De Deu Hospital, Barcelona. Costs have soared for Isla's family.

Can you support Isla and her family?