why fundraising benefits us and you

Fundraising is not something I ever thought I would do until I volunteered for Mitchell’s Miracles 3 years ago.  Since then, I have raised over £2500 in total by doing a sky dive, walking over the O2, three peaks challenge and I am about to tackle a half marathon.

  I am not a healthy or keep fit person, I don’t do gyms or exercise but I have the bug for motivating myself and trying new challenges which motivates me to try something new and by raising money for charity, this is beneficial to them and me.

The Definition of Fundraisingthe seeking of financial support for a charity or cause, the act of collecting or producing money especially for a charity.

The Benefits of You Fundraising for You

  • Trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone usually leads to feeling more confident, and potentially doing even more challenges
  • Fundraising for charity makes you feel good
  • Brings communities together and helps you explore new avenues and ventures
  • Inspires others to do the same as you
  • It can change your life around in so many ways, and if you are looking for something different from the mundane life routines, fundraising by taking on a challenge is the best way to explore this
  • If you have children, it teaches them all about charity work and why fundraising is important
  • Leads you to do something you never thought you would do

The Benefits of You Fundraising for Us

  • As a registered charity, Mitchell’s Miracles relies on it’s community and people like you who want to help themselves and others
  • By fundraising for Mitchell’s Miracles, you are helping families affected by childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma
  • We are a small charity based in Essex and by having people fundraising for us, it means we grow our donations and increase brand awareness
  • You get supported by us whatever the challenge you take on, from start to finish
  • You help us raise amazing amounts of money for a good cause
  • You help us reach out to the community and different networks that we may never have been able to do
  • You help us raise even more awareness of the signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma.

With so many benefits to you fundraising, what is stopping you?

If it is time, we have numerous events at different times and days of the week to suit everyone.

If it is fear, we have challenges for every ability, for children, adults, adrenaline junkies and more relaxed activities.

If it is worry, we are there to support you the whole way and encourage you to try your best.

If it is lack of ideas, we have a FREE fundraising kit packed full of inspiration and ideas to get you started.

Want to try a challenge in 2018?

Pop over to our Fundraising page for a list of events we have or contact us for an idea of your own!

We hope to see you at a future event!

Mitchell’s Miracles




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