Mitchell's Story

It was one morning in October 2010, we were about to set off to take Mitchell to school.
Mitchell turned to me and said “Mummy I can’t go to school today, because my head is a mess”.
Completely taken back and shocked by what Mitchell had said, I cuddled him and said, “It’s alright son, you can stay at home with me today”. As I cuddled Mitchell next to me and stroked his soft head, to my horror I felt a pea-sized lump. I instinctively knew something was seriously wrong.
As a family we set off straight to our GP surgery.
Mitchell was soon admitted for tests at our local hospital. We were then transferred to Great Ormond Street children's hospital where we were given the devastating news that Mitchell had stage 4 Neuroblastoma childhood cancer.
Mitchell very quickly started his treatment and had arduous rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell rescue, open surgery to remove the large primary tumour, radiotherapy, and finally went onto a study of antibodies. This treatment went on for 14 months in between needing blood and platelet transfusions at our local hospital.
But unfortunately after a long fight, Mitchell relapsed and gained his angel wings on 25th August 2012 aged just 7.

Through Mitchell's bravery, Mitchell's Miracles was founded on the 4th July 2013 to raise awareness of the early signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma, and to raise vital funds to support families whilst their child is receiving medical care.