Our first ever Santa Walk took place on the 5th December 2015 at Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch and saw just over 35 people take part!  
The idea came from Kristel and Team Mitchell, who had wanted to do something for Christmas to help raise more funds and awareness.
  The team got together and plans were put in place to make this a success and we were very lucky to have a great support and following to begin with.
  The day saw local residents and friends and family take part in our circuit which was around 2km, just 6 laps of the area.
  Typically, the weather was extremely windy!  Our charity gazebo was struggling to stay down and our starting  point arch way did well to withstand the wind!
  It made for a fun experience that’s for sure!
  We started the walk at 12pm, and both children and adults took part.  Kristel led the way and first to clear all 6 laps was Lenny who completed it in an extremely fast time and therefore winning our £200 christmas tree that was up for grabs!
  We had children of all ages, including parents pushing buggies around the circuit which was alot harder as they were competing with the boggy grass!  
The adults began running the walk but eventually slowed down and walked it at a regular pace.
  So that there were no cheaters, each lap completed the person received a counter, and all 6 counters were to be handed in at the end in order for them to received their medal!

We are very grateful to have Steve as Father Christmas, and offer his time to help hand out the medals and certifcates to everyone that completed the laps!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part, and supported our very first Santa Walk, we are hoping to make it an annual event and each year will get bigger and better!
We did have such a fun afternoon with everyone and donations and sponsors were taken for which we will update the amount shortly.

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