Mitchell’s Miracles put out an appeal a few weeks ago for Easter gifts for the children on the Oncology wards at Great Ormond Street Hospital and WOW what a response we had.

We was inundated with supporters turning up at the office with gifts and also delivery’s from our Amazon wish list, employees of Chelmsford council got together and sent us gifts, the parents and staff of Aardvark’s Preschool and many other company’s.

It has been an overwhelming response and we can not be more grateful to all our wonderful supporters. We got that many donations that we had to rethink our journey to GOSH, as originally we thought we could go up by Train with the gifts.

Well the two of us getting the Train became impossible so Emma contacted a friend who had a friend who had a friend and within 5 minutes we had a phone call from Fred who drives a London black taxi, Fred arranged to collect us from our office at 10:00 am Wednesday morning and took us all the way to the GOSH Charity office in Russell Square. We chatted all the way to London and told Fred all about what we do, Fred said we have hes phone number and we can call upon him anytime and if he can help us he will. (Fred you might regret that he he he). Big thumbs up for coming to our rescue, we can not thank you enough.

On arrival at the GOSH charity office we was met by Peggy who we had been dealing with, we handed over all the gifts to Peggy and her team and they will be distributed to all the children on the Oncology wards over the Easter weekend.

We then walked over to the hospital as we wanted to hand deliver a bag for April Bird who will be in GOSH this weekend having treatment. This was extremely difficult for Kristel to go back onto Elephant ward where Mitchell was treated. The first nurse we saw was one of Mitchell’s favourites Helen…She threw her arms around Kristel and made us a cup of tea and then called Ray and Nicola from Safari ward and they very quickly came to the ward and gave massive cuddles too. They didn’t stop talking about Mitch, Nicola said that Mitch gave her a tiger glasses case for her daughter and she still has it and every time her daughter gets that case out she thinks of Mitch. Helen said she loved chasing Mitch around the ward. Another nurse Gemma even remembered that Mitch loved strawberry cream on his legs when she massaged him. It was absolutely amazing how much they all remembered.

As hard as the day was going to GOSH it was also amazing knowing that our supporters will make Easter that little bit better for the children on the Oncology ward by having things to keep there minds occupied over the weekend. We could not do what we do without all of you and we are truly grateful for everything you do to make our jobs a little bit easier, knowing the support we have as a small charity can sometimes be overwhelming.

Kristel also delivered a gift bag to little Isla Caton who is battling Neuroblastoma, Isla was very happy with her gift bag and had everything out to play with at the same time. 


We would like to wish all our supporters a very happy Easter xxx

Full taxi, front seat was full to.

Kristel and Fred arriving at GOSH charity office.

Kristel, Emma and Peggy at GOSH charity office with all the goodie bags.

Kristel at the entrance of GOSH. This bag was hand delivered for April Bird who is in over Easter for treatment.

Nicola, Helen, Kristel and Ray. The wonderful nurses who do an amazing job and spoke so fondly of Mitchell.

Isla’s bag

Isla playing.

Isla playing.

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