Are you part of a company with lots of colleagues and would like to support our 50/50 charity Game card?

Mitchell's Miracles 50/50 game card gives you a chance to win a cash prize of £50.00 all whilst raising money to support families affected by Neuroblastoma.

Encourage your work place, friends and family to take part !!!!

All you need to do is

  • Complete the 50 squares
  • Enter the name and phone number in the chosen square
  • Collect £2 per square
  • Upon completion of the card, Peel the sticker to reveal the winning number

    It really is that simple ........

    Half the money raised goes to the winner and the other half will support our charity.

    To request your 50/50 Game card:

  • email info@mitchellsmiracles.co.uk
  • or call 07799 252726

Mitchell's Miracles are registered with the London Borough of Havering under the Gambling Act 2005

Registration number: 021477.