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During April half term, we held our first event at our new office, The Retailery, on Romford Market with the help of favourite Star Wars cosplayers – UK Garrisons.
  Our theme of Star Wars and Lego was appealing to the masses as we were influxed with kids from the start at 11am!
The event was free to everyone, and included meet and greets with Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers, photo opportunities and face painting.  The main attraction inside was our Lego table where we had over 50 entries into our Lego build competition!

The kids had such a fun afternoon and it was a joy to watch their smiles when they had their photo with the Dark Lord!
  As the fundraiser for the Mitchell Huth charity, I was there face painting from start to finish for a donation and as always, it was a popular choice for the kids!
  I had some interesting painting designs asked for by them including Chewbacca and C-3PO!
There wasn’t a period of time where the event was empty which was so great and we almost ran out of Lego towards the end!
The designs created by the children were intricate and detailed and we were very impressed with everyone that took part.  Here are all the entries we had –

 It was a tough decision to choose a winner but with the help of our office colleagues we did manage to choose one –

We even made the local paper, Romford Recorder the following week  –

The event raised over £200 with donations from passers-by and parents who had their children do activities, this will go towards helping families affected by childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma which you can read more about here.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazingUK Garrisons who always support us in our events,The Retaileryfor letting us use the venue, and to everyone that turned up on the day to make this a hugely successful charity event!
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