TheMitchell Huth Fund are changing this year, all for the better!  
In order to raise more awareness of Neuroblastoma, as well as finding new fundraisers and raising more vital funds, we are taking the charity on the road!
  It is vital we continue to grow and by attending local and nationwide events, we hope to gain a new following, as well as network among those who already support us.
  The more people that know about us as a charity, the more we can spread the word about signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma, and help people affected by it along the way.
 Funding that we raise through your donations, fundraisers and generosity goes towards families who get in touch with us and need our support and we hope to increase this even more by attending these events.
So, where can you find us?
  Well, as you can see above, we are already booked into some fantastic local events taking place throughout the year.  These are just the ones confirmed, we have even more we are waiting on to be accepted so we will keep updating as these comes through.
  These events are well established and see thousands of people attend, our aim is to sign you up to our mailing list, give you our goody bags, and something for the children with face painting and free balloons!  Our donation tubs will be with us too and if you are local to the events, we would love for you to pop by and find us to say hello!  We will also be signing those of you who wish to take part, to our fundraisers which include sky diving, marathons, colour runs and much more!
We will, of course, blog about each one too so you can see how well we are progressing and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our  supporters for coming on the journey with us.
Team Mitchell xx

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