We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who donated funds to our charity from the closure of FAN.  
  Mitchell’s appeal fund was held at the FAN charity which, for a number of reasons, has since closed down leaving our charity fund money being transferred over to us, totalling £31, 825,42.
 Due to this closure, other funds have been donated to us which we are hugely grateful for and we would like to personally thank the following – 
Millie-Rose Heaton’s family wanted to transfer Millie’s fund of £8,201.91 as they wanted to give back for the support we gave them whilst their beautfiul daughter fought this dreadful cancer.
  Little Millie captured our heart with her beautfiul singing voice that we saw on Facebook and it would brighten our day.
Kacie Clough’s appeal fund of £11,685.21 was also transferred to our charity.  We had the greatest pleasure of knowing little Kacie when she was admitted into Great Ormond Street hospital at the same time as Mitchell.
  She loved Mitchell as much as he loved her, the last time he saw her he gave her a big cuddle and said, ‘Be brave and don’t be scared’ followed by a big kiss.
  We had a little saying to Kacie which was, Kacie Clough is Tough, and she will be forever in our hearts.
Through them choosing to nominate our charity to transfer these funds, we are able to help so many families with much needed financial support and assistance.
Thank you from all of us at Team Mitchell x

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