Mitchell Huth


John Harris Trustee


Mr.J.Harris is the Senior Partner for T.Cribbs & Son's. They are an independent local family owned funeral directors in London and Essex. He was appointed as our very first Trustee, after arranging Mitchell's procession, and going above and beyond in ensuring his final journey was as perfect it could've possibly been. A trustee to another charity, so his experience and knowledge in the running of Mitchell's Miracles is valuable.

Shannon Barlow Secretary
Davina Linnen Trustee
Chloe Nichols Treasurer


Miss.S.Barlow is the Secretary to Mitchell's Miracles charity. She has worked in the banking sector since leaving education, and is also a photographer in her spare time. She first became known to the charity after being the youngest fundraiser when Mitchell was battling Neuroblastoma. She did her first skydive at the age of sixteen and then went on to do another two skydives when the charity was founded. 


Mr.P.Reynold's is a qualified plumber. He loves to make things, and puts these to good use for our fundraising activities. He works part time at a social club and raises much needed awareness and funds for our charity. 


Miss.D.Linnen is a full time carer in our community. She has been a close friend to the family of the late Mitchell for many years, and gave such support when he was receiving his treatment. When Mitchell's Miracles was founded she offered her time to be a Trustee to help to get the charity to where it is today.


Miss.C.Nichols is a full time croupier. She is a keen fundraiser and has taken on some very tough challenges to raise awareness and funds for our charity. She is dedicated in keeping fit and healthy and loves going to the gym everyday. Her knowledge and responsibility she has built in her employment, is a valuable source in being the Treasurer to Mitchell's Miracles.


Mr.T.Huth is the Chairman and father to our late son Mitchell Huth. He is a full time builder and qualified plumber. He has taken on many challenges to raise awareness, including climbing the three Peaks in Wales and skydiving. He has previous experience in the Management of the underground service.