The Mitchell Huth Memorial Fund was set up in memory of Mitchell who had Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer which affects around 100 children in the UK.  
  We help families affected by this type of cancer, but not a lot of people know what the difference is between Neuroblastoma and other types of cancer.
So, what is Neuroblastoma?
It is a type of cancer that develops in nerve tissue outside of the central nervous system. and begins in the adrenal gland on top of the kidney or anywhere around the spine, as well as other parts of the body too.
  Neuroblastoma is the most common form of embryonal tumour which is mainly found in younger children.
What are the signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma?
Symptoms depend on where the cancer starts in the child’s body but can include, 
– swollen tummy, constipation
– breathlessness and difficulty swallowing
– weakness in legs
– loss of appetite
– fevers and sweating
– tiredness
Is there a cure?
Like any cancer, research is ongoing and unfortunately Neuroblastoma remains as a deadly disease.  
However, doctors have become better at identifying the cancer in patients and there are developments in the methods of how to tackle the disease such as chemotherapy.
What do we do as a charity?
 By raising money every month these funds have so far helped over 25 families in the UK.
  Help could include transportation to and from hospitals, general household costs and financial assistance to the families whilst their children are going through treatment.
The charity also raises awareness of Neuroblastoma to help other parents spot the signs early.
You can read a more detailed version of Neuroblastoma on our websiteas well as how we have helped affectedfamilieson the past.

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