Signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma

Mitchell’s Miracles strive to continue raising awareness of Neuroblastoma and part of this is to let people know the signs and symptoms so that it can be caught early enough for any treatment to work.

Kristel, mum to Mitchell, speaks openly about the signs she saw her son go through and with many GP appointments, it was still not diagnosed until Mitchell was 5 years old.  He gained his angel wings two years later.

But if the family had been more aware of what Neuroblastoma was, this may have saved Mitchell’s life.

Continuing Mitchell’s legacy, Mitchell’s Miracles was set up to help families who are going through the same traumatic time and part of our mission statement is to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of Neuroblastoma.


So, what are the signs and symptoms?

  • A swollen painful tummy, sometimes with constipation and difficulty passing urine
  • A lump in the neck, resulting in difficulty swallowing and breathlessness
  • Weakness in the legs, caused by the tumour pressing on the spinal cord
  • Bone pain, a limp and general irritability
  • Blueish lumps in the skin and bruising, particularly around the eyes
  • Fatigue, loss of energy and pale skin
  • Rare jerky eye and muscle movements

Please see your GP if your child presents any of these signs.

If symptoms are recognised early enough, you can provide a urine sample to your GP for testing.  This doesn’t mean your child will be diagnosed with Neuroblastoma but other tests may need to be provided to confirm diagnosis and help doctors determine the best way to treat the tumour.

100 children in the UK are diagnosed with this childhood cancer, it is the 2nd most aggressive cancer .

You can read more about exactly what Neuroblastoma is and means on our blog post – What is Neuroblastoma?

You can read more about Neuroblastoma on our website.

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